Café Pane Rustica Hosts Dining Etiquette for Children


Tampa, Florida


Café Pane Rustica Hosts Dining Etiquette for Children in Tampa, Florida

Children were not dining on chicken nuggets; they were using their utensils correctly to slice a lightly breaded chicken breast and haricot vert while passing rolls, counter clockwise of course, during the latest Dining Etiquette Boot Camp class held at Café Pane Rustica. The four-course meal tutorial was taught by The Manners Advantage Inc., Tampa, Florida.

Children ages 7 through 11 learned proper table manners including holding utensils properly, navigating the place setting, napkin and seating etiquette, and appropriate dining table conversation. The classes are taught by Certified Etiquette Consultant, Mrs. Leslie Jennewein, who is trained by The Protocol School of Washington.

“Our goal is to teach traditional values applicable to the 21st century. We strive to make the class as hands-on and fun as it is informative” says Mrs. Kim Osborne, Co-Owner, The Manners Advantage Inc.

Upcoming classes at Café Pane Rustica also include Everyday Etiquette, June 2011, 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. $60 per child ages 7 – 10. For information on upcoming classes, please call (813) 546-6002.