Manners Advantage Launches Exciting Mobile App Game for Children- Manners & Mischief !

Reinforce the life lessons you want your child to know in a format they enjoy with the exciting and new mobile app Manners & Mischief! Children will have fun mastering their manners as they wind through exciting 3D palace mazes.

Players gather treasures and a wealth of knowledge to unlock new levels as they strive for the crown!  Escape the dungeon, encounter a Troll Bully, and dine with Beastly the Boar – but watch out because mischievous things may happen!

Now available on Apple App Store and Google Play, Manners & Mischief! is recommended for kids (of reading level) and can be played on a phone or tablet.

How well do you really know your manners? Over 165 manners challenge questions rotate throughout the game and explore a variety of important life lessons including: Dining Etiquette; Greetings and Introductions; Respect for Yourself and Others; Bullying; Manners at Home and in Public Places; Self-esteem and Confidence; Poise and Posture; Sportsmanship; Nurturing Friendships; Communication Skills and Internet Etiquette.

By committing these manners to memory, only the best players will win the crown and become King or Queen!

Acquiring the life skills of proper etiquette and good manners is essential to promoting confidence in all children and young adults. Now everyone can be engaged and entertained while they learn these important lessons, and you can rest easier with a well mannered child!

Play today and conquer the kingdom.  Better Manners – More Fun!

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