Trick or Treat Tips for Parents

It is that time of year again when the little ghosts, goblins, movie characters and more get to stay up late, run around in the dark and eat tons of candy!


We need to remind our little creatures that – even at Halloween, when no one knows who we are behind that mask – we should still use our manners!

Here are a few Manners and Etiquette tips for a safe Tampa Florida Halloween:

  • Even though you want to get from house to house quickly, stay on the sidewalk and driveways. Stay off the shrubs, flowers, etc. This is a way that you can show respect for other’s homes and yards.
  • If there are decorations in the yard or on the porch look – don’t touch! Lamps, etc. may be hot!!
  • Knock or ring the doorbell once, twice at most! After that, leave if no one comes to the door.
  • If the front door light is not on or if the blinds are closed, skip the house. A dark, closed house is the silent signal that the homeowner is not going to be giving out candy this year.
  • When are are given candy, what do you say? Thank you! If you can’t remember to say thank you without being reminded, you may not be old enough to trick or treat.
  • Make sure your voice is loud enough for the person to hear thank you.
  • Look each person in the eye and smile when you thank them!
  • Don’t search through the candy bowl to find the good stuff. Take a piece from the top and make room for the other kids who are approaching the door.
  • Don’t say anything negative about the candy. If you don’t like it, take a piece anyway and trade it later.
  • Go through all of your candy with your parents to make sure it is safe to eat.
  • Make a quick decision if you get to select the candy.
  • Always assume that there is a one piece of candy limit per person if you are asked to take a piece out of the candy bowl.
  • If there is a bowl left on the porch, take a piece and never a handful, even if no one is looking!
  • Don’t break into the song, “trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat”.

Happy Halloween!