University of Florida MBA Students Earn The Advantage

UF StudentsBy providing Business Etiquette training, the MBA Staff at the University of Florida is setting the best possible standards for their students’ knowledge of professional protocol in the workplace. The training program, taught by The Manners Advantage Inc., Tampa, Florida, was geared toward enhancing the students’ self-confidence in professional and social settings. Topics included introductions, networking etiquette, and conversation skills. “The presentation was very helpful and attendees were appreciative of the knowledge in the subject. Knowing these life skills will help us handle whatever the future may bring.” says Adair Tigert, MBA Student, University of Florida.
“Our goal is to teach traditional values applicable to our ever-changing daily lives” says Kim Osborne and Leslie Jennewein, Owners, The Manners Advantage. “Business etiquette has become as integral to one’s professional image as technical knowledge.”
It is never too early to begin learning and practicing proper etiquette. Children ages 5+ can enjoy learning their manners too. The interactive app called Manners and Mischief is available on Google Play or iTunes. Children wind through castle mazes and advance levels by correctly answering manners challenges.

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