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What Others Are Saying?

"Bragging about a good hit and saying our team is better isn't nice. I realized that sometimes I did that and didn't really think that was bad until it was explained to me during the Manner's Club."

"We talk to friends every day, and how we talk to them through our words and body language affects how they will act toward me. So I want to act good by using good manners and body language so kids are nice to me."

"I really liked the Manners Advantage Camp. I learned how to act the right way and I saw how other kids I thought were cool were really just braggers and have bad manners."

"Thank you for such a wonderful experience!! Reese has loved this class and said she is sad that today is the last day!!"

Daniel came home with great information. Will motivate me to take out the china and crystal! Thank you!

I very much enjoyed both your company and presentation. The number of questions you elicited from the students shows that your presentation was directly on point to their needs; I have never been to a presentation on campus that sparked so many organic questions. Look forward to working with you again. -Alison E. Preston Candidate for Juris Doctor, 2018 Stetson University College of Law

The boys had a great time on Saturday. Eli has been getting compliments all weekend from friends and strangers on his manners!

My sister Brice and I wanted to thank you for making "Manners Class" so much fun for Summer and Emma. They had a great time and learned a lot. Please keep us in mind if you have additional classes in the future.

"I wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. Rylan has really enjoyed his time in your class and he comes home with great things to share (and we're learning a thing or two!). We're so impressed with all that you've done and your ways of keeping the kids engaged."

"Thank you. Maggie LOVED the class, and you will be happy to know that George liked the class (especially the candy). He has been very proud to stand at my chair and say, 'May I?' as he pulls my chair out and pushes it in. He is so proud. Maggie has been the manners police and is not letting him forget a thing. Clearly you have done a fabulous job!"

"Maya enjoyed the class. She has been correcting her little brother on a few things...so she was obviously paying attention! Thanks!!!"

"Thank you so much for sharing proper etiquette with the boys today. Every one of them came out energized and full of tidbits for their mothers! I was pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoyed the experience."

"She loved the class! Thank you. She even came home and asked me, 'What can I do to help you mom?' So nice."

Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful Gasparilla themed class. My daughter came home telling us the rules for shaking hands, eating soup and using utensils. I'm so glad we found your organization. We always emphasize manners in our house, but kids pay more attention to outside teachers. That, coupled with the fun theming and group environment made the class a successful outing for my daughter. We hope to put her in more classes in the future.

“McCall has LOVED the class and will be back next year. You've made the class fun and taught essentials! Our mealtimes are better because of The Manners Advantage!”

“We are so pleased with all that Andrew learned from the Manners Advantage classes he attended. Going into the program, Andrew had plenty of home instruction on manners, but it was practicing them amongst friends in the Manners Advantage’s fun and social setting that really made them sink in. He always enjoyed going to the classes, and improved with each one. What a joy it is to see the teachings in practice!”


Calling All Ghouls & Goblins For Manners & More!

Tampa Yacht and Country Club

Students Will Have a Wicked Time Learning their Finest Social Skills for Trick-or-Treating and Entertaining Etiquette at this Halloween-Themed Event! Halloween Costumes are Welcome! Tricks & Treats and Lots of Fun!…

Tampa Bay's Premier Manners and Etiquette Training

Tampa Bay's Premier Manners and Etiquette Training

Good Manners Go Hand in Hand with Success!

Welcome to The Manners Advantage! Tampa Bay’s Premier Manners and Etiquette Training Company.

Our goal is to empower our students with the skills that will enable them to earn the respect of others and ultimately become leaders within their communities. At The Manners Advantage, we teach all ages, from preschoolers to professionals – students, business executives and their employees, service industry representatives, healthcare workers, college applicants, college graduates…anyone with the desire to polish their life and communication skills, manners, and dining etiquette. In what is a very competitive job climate, we customize classes to ensure amazing outcomes!

For those who expect and demand higher standards, we invite you to contact us today. After all, your opportunity may be just a firm handshake away.

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The Manners Advantage
The Manners Advantage