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Welcome to The Manners Advantage! Tampa’s Premier Manners and Etiquette Training Company

Our goal is to empower our students with the skills that will enable them to earn the respect of others, and ultimately become leaders within their communities. At The Manners Advantage, we teach all ages from preschoolers to professionals – students, business professionals, service industry representatives, healthcare workers, college applicants, college graduates…anyone with the desire to polish their life and communication skills, manners and dining etiquette. In what is a very competitive job climate, we customize classes with amazing outcomes!

For those who expect and demand higher standards, we invite you to contact us today. After all, an opportunity may be just a firm handshake away.

Learn the life skills necessary for having The Manners Advantage today!

Current Courses, Dates, and Times

Lil’ Skippers Courtesy Summer Camp

Climb Aboard First Mates!

Ages 5-12 Last Day to Register May 28th

Etiquette Lessons, Games, Role Play, Snacks, and Crafts!

June 10-14 9:00 a.m. – noon $300

Tampa Yacht and Country Club

Dining Skills, Conversation and Listening, Social Conduct at Home, School & in Public Places, Properly Greeting Others, Nurturing Friendships and Lots More!


BacktoSchool Etiquette for Young Ladies and Gentlemen

Students Develop Important Social Skills and Learn to Appreciate the Importance of Dining Protocol.

Sunday, September 15th (Ages 7-12)

Tampa Yacht and Country Club*

Class Size is limited. *Members and non-members are welcome!

Dining Etiquette: 2-3:30 $75

Poise and Posture at the Table * Setting a Proper Table * Navigating a Formal Place Setting * Napkin & Seating Etiquette * How to Hold Utensils Properly * Soup, Salad, Bread & Butter * Ordering from a Menu * Buffett Dining * Demonstrating Respect at the Table

Manners in Motion: 4-5:30 $75

Making First Impressions Count * Greeting Others with Confidence * Demonstrating Respect for Teachers and Classmates * The Art of Conversation * Effective Listening * Meeting New Friends * Social Skills for School * Be a Great Guest (Sleepovers and Parties)