The Story Behind The Manners Advantage of Tampa, Florida


Times have changed from the traditional charm schools of the 50’s where manners were taught in the schools, and reinforced at home. Today’s fast-paced schedules limit the amount of time families have to dedicate to teaching and practicing everyday etiquette.

This trend, coupled with the troubling influences of pop culture and an increasingly informal ‘social media’ society, translates into children and young adults who are not readily absorbing the social skills necessary to succeed. At The Manners Advantage we strive to teach a balance between traditional etiquette and what is appropriate in today’s society.

milk-sharing“Life be not so short but there is always time for courtesy.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Co-owner Leslie Jennewein, Certified Etiquette Instructor, trained by The Protocol School of Washington, has enjoyed over 25 years of teaching experience in manners, etiquette and building essential life skills. Leslie joined talents with co-owner Kimberly Osborne in order to form The Manners Advantage Inc. in 2010, teaching children, teens, and professionals.


Today, The Manners Advantage Inc. offers several manners and etiquette classes in Tampa, FL, as well as courses throughout the state of Florida and the country. People of all ages can benefit from a fun and educational afternoon of etiquette essentials.


After all… the Advantage is yours!