Children’s Etiquette for Today

A Solid Foundation for Practicing Good Manners and Etiquette

It is never too early too begin learning the social graces.  Confident, well-mannered children know the importance of consideration and respect, and demonstrate the concepts of fitting social behavior with their peers and adults.

The Manners Advantage, Tampa’s Premier Etiquette Training Company, provides the opportunity for children to learn the skills necessary toward developing self-assuredness in social situation.

Life skills, such as proper etiquette and good manners, are essential to promoting confidence and a positive self-image in all children.

Empower your child with The Manners Advantage!

Upcoming Manners and Etiquette Classes for Children and Teens Tampa, Florida

You are Cordially Invited to

The Spring Teddy Bear Tea and Me!

Sunday, March 3rd 3:30 – 5:00 pm

(Ages 4-12)

$75 pp

Tampa Yacht and Country Club (Members and Non-Members Welcome)

Young Ladies will enjoy Tea Sandwiches, Savory Scones, Dainty Desserts, and of course Tea while learning about proper Tea Etiquette. Dress in your finest for this special event and bring your Favorite Furry Friend!

Young Ladies will Create their Own Fascinator to Wear and Bring Home.

LESSONS: History of Tea Party  *  Tea Etiquette Manners  *  Invitations  *  How to Hold Teacup  *  China and Linens  *  Tea Party Menu  *  Milk, Lemon, and Sugar  *  Stirring Your Tea


The Art of Etiquette for Young Teens Ages 11-14

A Program Designed to Provide Young Teens with the Skills Necessary to Communicate and Thrive in Today’s Digital World.

Social Media NetiquetteContrast: Positive and Negative Impacts of Social Media, Managing Your Digital Footprint, Cell Phone, and Online Etiquette, The Power of Unplugging.

Communication – Composing Impactful Conversations, Practicing Small Talk, Question and Answer Volley, Conversation Pitfalls.

Respect and Self-Awareness – Consideration and Respect at Home, School, and in Public Places, Impact of Understanding Self-Awareness and It’s Effects on Others. 

Sunday, April 28th

(Ages 11-14) 2-3:30 $75

Tampa Yacht & Country Club*

Class Size is limited. *Members and non-members welcome!

Click registration page to sign up today! Due to small class size, class credit is available if cancellation. For questions, please call Kim at (813) 546-6002


Lil’ Skippers Courtesy Summer Camp

Climb Aboard First Mates!

Ages 5-10

Etiquette Lessons, Games, Role Play, Snacks, and Crafts!

June 10-14 9:00 a.m. – noon $300

Tampa Yacht and Country Club

Dining Skills, Conversation and Listening, Social Conduct at Home, School & in Public Places, Properly Greeting Others, Nurturing Friendships and Lots More! 

Click registration page to sign up today! Due to small class size, class credit is available if cancellation.

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