Children’s Etiquette for Today

A Solid Foundation for Practicing Good Manners and Etiquette

It is never too early too begin learning the social graces.  Confident, well-mannered children know the importance of consideration and respect, and demonstrate the concepts of fitting social behavior with their peers and adults.

The Manners Advantage, Tampa’s Premier Etiquette Training Company, provides the opportunity for children to learn the skills necessary toward developing self-assuredness in social situation.

Life skills, such as proper etiquette and good manners, are essential to promoting confidence and a positive self-image in all children.

Empower your child with The Manners Advantage!

Upcoming Manners and Etiquette Classes for Children Tampa, Florida

Monsters Need Manners Too!

Students will have a Wicked Time Learning Their Finest Trick-or-Treating Social Skills and Entertaining Etiquette at this Halloween Themed Event!

Properly Greeting Ghosts and Zombies at the Door  * Bewitching Table Manners for a Halloween Buffet * Poise and Grace of a Black Cat * How to Introduce Jack-O’-Lantern to Count Dracula (and other frightful friends) * Trick-or-Treat Missteps to Avoid * How to be a Glowing Guest in a Haunted Home * Demonstrating Respect to Skeletons, and Scarecrows * Polite Conversations with Ghouls and Goblins

October 22nd (Ages 5 – 12) 2-3:30 PM

Tampa Yacht and Country Club (Members and Non-Members Welcome to Attend)

Click to registration page for registration. For questions, please call Kim at (813) 546-6002.

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