Children’s Etiquette for Today

A Solid Foundation for Practicing Good Manners and Etiquette

It is never too early to begin learning the social graces.  Confident, well-mannered children know the importance of consideration and respect, and demonstrate the concepts of fitting social behavior with their peers and adults.

Good manners and social skills do not happen automatically, they must be taught and practiced just as one would practice baseball or playing the piano.

Empower your child with The Manners Advantage!

Upcoming Manners and Etiquette Classes for Children Tampa, Florida

Dining Etiquette for Young Ladies and Gentlemen

Students learn to appreciate the importance of dining protocol. Social distancing will be maintained at the dining table and during all activities.

Introducing Yourself and Others with Confidence * Poise and Posture * Setting a Proper Table * Navigating the Place Setting * Napkin & Seating Etiquette * How to Hold Utensils * Ordering from a Menu * Soup, Salad, Bread & Butter * Buffet Dining

Sunday, October 24th

(Ages 7-12)

2:30 – 4:00 PM $65

Tampa Yacht & Country Club*


Teddy Bear Tea and Me

Young Ladies will enjoy Tea Sandwiches, Savory Scones, Dainty Desserts, and of course Tea while learning about proper Tea Etiquette. Dress in your finest for this special event and bring your favorite furry friend! Young Ladies will create their own fascinator to wear or bring home.


History of The Tea Party * Tea Etiquette Manners * Invitations * How to Hold Teacup and Saucer * China and Linens * Tea Party Menu * Milk, Lemon, and Sugar * Stirring Your Tea 

Sunday, November 7th

(Ages 5 -12)

3:30 – 5:00 PM $65

Tampa Yacht & Country Club*


Etiquette and Social Skills for Teens

A Solid Foundation for Practicing Good Manners and Respect

A teenager’s social life is critical because fitting in with peers can distinguish between feeling confident and struggling to find your place in the world. Learning helpful social skills gives teens resources that will be useful during their teenage years and later in life. 

The Importance of Social Life 

Conversation and Communication Etiquette, Manners for Young Women and Men, RSVPs, Restaurant Dos and Don’ts, Thank You Notes, Putting Others at Ease, Dating Etiquette

Good Habits for Daily Living 

Basic Table Manners, How to Answer Rude Questions, Well-Mannered Behavior, Cell phone Etiquette

Classroom Behavior 

Respecting Classmates and Teachers, Personal Space, Social Media Etiquette, Manners at School, Dealing with Bullies, Dressing Appropriately

Sunday, November 14th 

(Ages 13 – 18)

Young Ladies 1:30 – 3:00 PM $65

Young Men 3:30 – 5:00 PM $65

Tampa Yacht & Country Club*


Class size is limited. Masks are required. *Members and non-members are welcome!  register


After School Etiquette and Social Skills at The Prep South Tampa

Fridays, 4-5:00 p.m.,  September 24 – November 12

(Ages 7-12)  Fee $180


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